Dragon Empires Newsletter - April 2002 #004

You have been sent this email as your email address has been used to register your interest in the Dragon Empires Beta test.

Firstly let me say 'Welcome' to the world of Dragon Empires. I'm Phil White, the new Operations Manager for Dragon Empires here at Codemasters. I'll be making sure that all aspects of the game run correctly when we launch - and a few things before that as well - including game servers, customer service and working with the community. Right now, I'll be keeping you posted with up-to-date information on the exciting developments within Dragon Empires until a dedicated Community Liaison Manager is appointed to the team.

Right so what's happening then?
Things have been a bit quiet from us lately, however I suggest that you make some room in your Inbox as we will be making up for lost time!
As you will see the attached screenshots are awesome (not seen them yet? then stop reading this and have a look .... ok now you are back take that grin off your face!), there is also a copy of our press release for you as well. This not enough for you? Well have 2 exclusive community screenshots then, denoted by the Dragon Empires Logo in the top left corner. These cannot be found anywhere else. As I am sure you will agree the wait was worth it.
Oh, by the way, did I mention the character customisation? You can individually customise your eyes, eye brows, nose, chin, head shape, hair, skin tone, tattoos, body shape and body size, and that's even before you put any clothes on!

Dev Diary - Online
Click the samples below for enlargements
Mighty Empire Dragons Revealed 30/4/02 - Word Doc
Mighty Empire Dragons Revealed 30/4/02 - Online

Dragon Artwork zipfile - 1.06 Mb

So where's the fan site toolkit?

We're working on this right now and hope to get this onto the web site before the end of May.

Developers on the Forums.
The forums had a little shake up a few weeks back and there is a new area titled 'Developer Questions' where the game developers regularly check and post replies to your questions. Make sure you access the forum regularly and post your questions and comments to them.

Development IRC Chats
These will continue on the fourth Monday of each month, the next one being on May 27. I will drop you an email letting you know exactly when and where closer to the time.

Dragon Empires will make its first appearance at E3 in Los Angeles and we have high hopes of being the talk of the show. We will be making the in-game video from E3 available on the website as soon as possible after the event.

Developer Diary
Don't forget the new developer diary that is also attached to this newsletter, we will send more of these out as time goes on.

That's all for now, I will keep you posted on developments and upcoming events and make sure you watch the forums, my handle is 'Vortal' if you wish to ask me anything specific.

Phil White
Operations Manager - Dragon Empires - Codemasters