Dragon Empires Newsletter - May 2002 #004

Welcome to another Dragon Empires newsletter. Since we had such a great response to our last newsletter and because we love you all so much we dug up some new screenshots of Dragon Empires for your enjoyment.

This is the first batch of shots which really focus on the terrain and I think you'll all agree it looks fantastic! But more than just pretty pictures, Dragon Empires has a full and active environment which takes the game away from a static world of day and night cycles and into a living, breathing landscape. You can watch through the day as the sun evaporates the ocean into clouds which by afternoon are boiling up over mountain peaks, see weather fronts blow in off the sea and drop their rain over the tropical forests, and in the searing desert the sun beats down mercilessly from a cloudless sky.

Walking through the lush foliage near the coast you can see the leaves and bushes pushed aside by your passing. Look up and see butterflies flitting through the forest or glance out to the ocean to seagulls arcing through the sky. It is hard to convey the impact of this living world with only screenshots and words, but we hope these exclusive pictures for our beta testers will give you a small taste of what is to come.

Phil White
Operations Manager