Dragon Empires Newsletter - 25/06/02
Hi everyone. Welcome to the second monthly beta community newsletter. It's been a little delayed as I was enjoying a short holiday!

In this newsletter I want to tell you about a competition we're running and the developer chats that will be occurring next week.

From now until the 17th of July we are looking for the best caption to the screenshot below.

Contestants are asked to write a short witty comment to the picture you see here in this email. The one we like the most, wins! Submit your entry to petert@codemasters.com by the 17th of July. The winner of the competition will get a Dragon Empires T-Shirt and a piece of signed rendered art work as well as the honour of having their comment appearing on our web site. View competition terms and conditions

Also, we're having another developer chat which will take place on the 1st of July, a week later than originally planned. We will be leaving it as an open forum again and we'll discuss anything we're able. I hope some of you join in to ask questions of the team here. You can access the chat by logging in to irc.stratics.com using an IRC client and joining #moonshade. We will actually run two chats, the first chat will run at 7pm GMT, (ie. 2pm EST) and the second will run at 10pm PST, (ie. 6am GMT Tuesday).

Our weekly Q&A is in its third week and the questions are proving very interesting! I hope you are all enjoying the replies from Ted, our Producer, just as much.

If you haven't checked out our forums and want to dip your toes in, head over to this thread:
Here you can introduce yourself to other members and ask any questions you want.

I would also like to invite all members of the newsletter to go to www.moonshade.com and to vote there on the consequences of PvP. Should players drop items when killed by other players? We're interested in what the community thinks about this issue.

And in some exciting news, this Thursday we are releasing a fan site kit. 15mb of art and graphical goodness for all you budding web site owners! Check codemasters.com/download.

Meanwhile, check out the screenshot and get creative!

Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager