Dragon Empires Newsletter - 12/07/02
Hi there everyone on the Dragon Empires beta test list.

First off, we have some good news, and we have some bad news!

The bad news is that the beta test has been delayed until winter, we will confirm the exact date closer to the time. When we confirm a date we will start contacting all the people from this list to obtain more specific information and then we will select people to join each stage of the beta test. At first we will have just a few people involved, but over time this number may grow as high as 100,000 beta testers. For now I would like to ask for your patience and draw your attention to some good news!

First of all, we are running a new competition for July and August while also giving you a little sneak peak of our Bird Dragon! Go here and have a look at an animation of the bird dragon flying along and then tell us how many polygons you think the bird model is made up of. You can also see a screenshot of the flying dragon in this newsletter. Entry details are on the competition page. The competition winner will get a T-Shirt and a signed piece of rendered art work of the bird dragon.

Secondly, in conjunction with the Dragon Empires fan sites we will be running a story writing competition over the next few weeks, starting Wednesday. Each site has a theme such as honour, justice, service and if you want to enter check each site and chose the theme and you want to use for your story. You can then submit it to me at dec@codemasters.com. Terms and conditions of the competition and more information will be available next week from the news page of the Dragon Empires site.

Finally, on Monday the 29th we will be holding another dev chat. This time it will be a Stratics House of Commons chat and I invite you all to keep an eye on the news to confirm the details closer to the time.


Community Liaison Manager