Dragon Empires Newsletter - 16/08/02
Hello everyone on our beta list and welcome to our mid-month newsletter.

I've had a lot of questions about this list and whether everyone on it will get into beta. Let me explain. We call this our beta list and all of you beta testers because we plan to have every single one of you test our game at some point. Our testing starts this winter and we hope to have invited at least 100,000 people to join the test by the end of testing. You may not get in with the first wave but we are pretty sure you WILL get in. At that time we will mail everyone and let you all know exactly how we will be delivering the game client and our schedule. At the moment if the overall beta number stays the same you should all get in, however the amount of people signing up is increasing per day so you had better tell your follow clan members and friends to sign up quick.

Anyway, on with the news. I'm pleased to announce our two competition winners for this month. Firstly, congratulations to John Kahn whose guess of 1350 polygons was very close to the 1352 the bird dragon model has! Secondly, congratulations to Razvan Haiduc whose short story on the theme of justice won our story competition. It's an interesting and compelling read and it is on our website in the download and news section now. Both winners will be enjoying their prizes shortly.

This month we won't be running a competition as we want to organize something special for next month. Stay tuned for new prizes (!) and something wacky and zany from the Dragon Empires team soon. However, until then we do have an exciting pre-beta questionnaire and we would like to ask a favour of you. We are working to optimise the game engine and game play and to do this we want you all to answer the questionnaire for us.Go to http://www.codemasters.com/surveys/dosurvey73.php and fill in the survey and help make Dragon Empires the best game of its kind!

In other news there will be another two Dragon Empires Dev Chats on Monday the 26th, with one at 7pm GMT and a second at 7pm PST. Both chats will take place in #de-devchat on the irc.stratics.com network. Check Stratics if you want to take part, they have a java irc client you can use, alternately download mIRC from http://www.download.com and join in using that client. The chat will be moderated again, however if you feel like chatting as well as asking questions can always join the discussion channels #moonshade and #dragonempires. I look forward to many of you turning up again!


Finally, we've included a picture of some of the artists working on some concept work. Messy bunch aren't they?!

Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires