Dragon Empires Newsletter - 15/11/02
Hello everyone and welcome to another interesting Dragon Empires newsletter. For our European friends we have taken the first step in supporting languages other than English. You will find our site now has German and French pages. The written content and the FAQs have all been translated to make it easier for those who don't speak English as a first language.

Dev Chat
The next Dragon Empires House of Commons developer chat will take place on Monday the 25th of November at 8pm PST and 8pm GMT time at irc.stratics.com #de-devchat. Stratics will be hosting again and we will run in a voiced format with discussion between the question giver and developer. The dev chats are a great place for new and experienced Dragon Empires followers to post their questions to the developer team.

Hot news
- We have launched a French message board.
- We have also launched a German message board.
- DE Warcry has interviewed Calistas.
- New Dragon Empires competition at MassiveMultiplayer.
- Dragon Empires Warcry has launched!
- RPG Vault post Dragon Empires Q&A 12.

Fan site of the week
DE Compendious - http://de.compendious.net
Necatus runs one of the best Dragon Empires sites on the web. He regularly and tirelessly collates everything the developers say on a topic from the message boards, developer chats, interviews, emails etc and adds them to his massive database of info. If you have a question about Dragon Empires then the chances are Necatus has the answer on his site. Also, Necatus is a regular forum poster and quick to help out answering the questions of newbies. If have questions about Dragon Empires his site should be the first place you look for an answer!

Forum post of the week
This week we ask "What kind of music would you like to see in Dragon Empires?". We are looking for feedback from you, the community, on music you have enjoyed from other games, films, or wherever, that would serve as inspiration for the people creating our music. We plan to have tracks for the five empires as well as other incidental music. Join in the discussion and tell us your favourites!

Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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