Dragon Empires newsletter - 18th October 2002
Welcome to October's second newsletter. This is one of the most exciting newsletters we have had to date and I'm sure you will all find it interesting. This time around we have a new movie to show you, an announcement on the date for beta as well as a selection of brand new concepts just for you beta newsletter people!

Beta date announced
Our period of planning has come to an end and we have currently determined that beta will start some time in May 2003. While this is later than we had originally planned it does mean we can bring you the very best game possible.

New Dragon Empires skyscape movie
Today we are pleased to show you a brief look at the world of Fortitude. This movie shows you the weather and climate effects you will see every day in your travels. The skyscape video shows you how realistic and detailed the world of Fortitude is. In coming months we will release more videos which will show you other elements of the world, including the characters, monsters and cities of Fortitude. We hope you enjoy this first taste in what will be a series of insights into Dragon Empires!


This delay can, in part, be blamed on features we have added to the game in direct response to feedback from the community. Some of the features you will hear more about in coming months but others you will see much sooner. We've added new and improved terrain textures, built and created brand new character and monster models and we are also due to spend some time in a motion capture studio so we can provide the most realistic and natural movement for our characters that we can.

We have also added a quest system which originally wasn't part of the design of Dragon Empires. However, community feedback has resulted in us adding this feature to the game. As for other changes, you'll hear more about them in coming months.

New concept art
We have created a monkey empire concept art pack which shows off designs for monkey empire buildings, some of which are previously unreleased. If you want to have a look head to this link and download the 1.5mb zipfile.

Limerick competition winner!
Congratulations to Justin Elliot from New Zealand who won the limerick competition. His winning entry is included here:

"There once was a thief of great cunning
 Whose exploits were beyond merely stunning
 He amassed his great wealth
 By the application of stealth
 Backed up by no small skill in running"

Beta tester numbers
We are getting close to our initial beta goal of 100,000 signed up beta testers. If your friends haven't signed up yet then forward this newsletter to them quick and get them to click
here to make sure they have a good chance of getting in early.

Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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