Dragon Empires newsletter - 1st November 2002
Hello everyone, it's November already and I hope you had a great Halloween!

Last month
October has been pretty exciting for us. We have, literally, just completed a major milestone which brings a lot of work on the server and client together. We now have a lot more interaction with items and in combat than we've seen before and the result is a slightly chaotic office as we all run around testing out killing each other. I'm told the new models will be in the game very soon as well so I hope to bring you all some great shots of big combat scenes very soon!

Also in October we saw the launch of two great fan sites http://de.stratics.com and http://dragonempires.mmorpgitalia.it/ . Nice work Stratics and MMORPG Italia! We also released a Dragon Empires movie you have all enjoyed, had a radio chat on Stratics Chat and a House of Commons chat on Monday on IRC. Thanks to everyone who turned up it makes getting up at 3.40am worth while.

Development diary
Today we have a new development diary from Scott "Prodigy" Cowie who is our lead world building. If you ever wanted to know what building Fortitude is like you should check out his interesting description of crafting the landscape. Apparently his work involves a lot of purple!

Important dates
Friday 1st: New dev diary
Friday 15th: mid-month newsletter and new competition announced
Friday 22nd: New dev diary
Monday 25th: Stratics HoC Dragon Empires irc chat.

Hot news
If you haven't followed our news much this month you will have missed out on some interesting bits and pieces.Games Expert interviews Peter -

http://www.games-expert.com/special.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=112(in French)
RPG Vault posts Q&A 11 -

Dev diary from DiscoStu -

Fan site of the week
Dragon Empires Stratics -
Just launched, the Stratics site will be a large database of information on Dragon Empires that will be compiled during beta and once the game is live. For now it houses up-to-date news and opinion. Nice work Stratics team!

Forum post of the week
MoSeph has started an interesting discussion on "What makes a great RPG". Do you have an opinion? If so, come and join in the discussion.

Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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