Dragon Empires Newsletter - 6 December 2002

Last Month
November has seen more progress in Dragon Empires with buildings being created left right and centre and the first of the creatures being created and animated. We also had a lot of work completed on the characters and you can see some of that in the Art Development Diary that was posted last Friday.

Special sneak peak!
As a treat to all you beta test list members I have included two special sneak-peak pictures of the new engine build. This is an update we've recently received and I think you will agree the result of the engine upgrade is simply stunning! The upgrade has given us new and stunning water effects and a new way for the engine to treat mountains and the landscape (among other tweaks).
click to see larger versions

Forum upgraded!
Our upgrade to the forum has been completed and you can now get to the new forums here. Note, to log in you will need to use your email address, NOT your old login. This has caused a few problems for people so read again, your login is now the email you registered for the forums on. The default colours of the forums have changed, but if you go to your control panel (User CP) you can set the format to Dragon Empires to get that old school feeling back.

Important dates
Friday 13th - New dev diary.
Friday 20th - Christmas newsletter full of excitement and news!

Hot news

- A new Art Development Diary is up on the topic of character models.
- Gen4 Magazine in France has some preview coverage of Dragon Empires in their December magazine.
- RPG Vault posted Q&A 14 on Dragon Empires.
- Just-RPG have posted a preview of Dragon Empires as well as interview.

Fan site of the week

Dragon Empires at MMORPG Italia -http://www.mmorpgitalia.it

An excellent fan site and network for our Italian MMORPG fans. Frequently updated and has translations of useful material too. So, thanks to Mattia and team :)

Forum post of the week
Darkessa started an interesting discussion about lag in online games and how do you combat lag?
It's not too technical a discussion so do drop in and find out what players think and what the developers have to say about the matter!

Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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