Dragon Empires Newsletter - 7th February 2003

Last month we ran a developer chat where we asked people to provide their thoughts on what made good dungeons, quests and crafting systems. The developer chat also spilled out onto our message boards and everyone generated a lot of great feedback for us. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! A lot of what has been suggested has been passed on to the team and incorporated into their plans and designs.

Box art survey
We have found a clear winner has emerged from the box art survey we held last month. Currently this box is being examined and prototyped internally. When it gets the green light we will let you all know which one it is. It was such a popular design both externally and with us here at Codemasters we couldn't ignore the will of the people!

Important dates
Friday 14th - Dev diary
Friday 21st - Mid month newsletter
Monday 24th - Stratics House of Commons dev chat
Friday 28th - Dev diary

Hot news
- RPG Vault Q&A 18 on the DE graphics engine.
- DEV diary by Scott Cowie, senior world builder.
- Dragon Empires Japan a Japanese DE fansite has launched.

Fan site of the week
- DE Mondespersistants -http://de.mondespersistants.com/.
Wodden puts a lot of work into this great French language fan site. It is well worth checking out and an excellent resource for our continental Dragon Empires fans!

Forum post of the week
JASlaughter posted a great idea about having short-term in-game 'festivals' where NPCs liven up the world with new quests and items. We think this is pretty fun! Not sure we can include it in DE right away but it is still an excellent idea and worthy of more discussion.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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