Dragon Empires newsletter - 21 February

The days and months keep rolling on and it seems we're finally seeing some warmer weather here in England. But you're not interested in that, you want to know about Dragon Empires! Well, development continues apace and the third empire buildings are being constructed as we speak. World building tell me they're about to start placing buildings after completing the massive road network, animation are working on the third dragon and more creatures and the rest of the art team continue to design and build armour and weapons. With that in mind...

Weapon concepts
The team have been hard at work designing and building weapons. While some weapons don't confirm to a particular style, many weapons do reflect the style of a particular empire. We think this creates a great 'depth' to the world as well as looking really interesting! You can see four of our weapon designs in the image below. The bow comes from the Bird Empire, the other items from two empires not yet announced. I'll leave you to guess what those empires may be!

Two more weapon concepts have been released to the fan sites. Check the fan sites link www.codemasters.com/dragonempires/uk/community/links.php?and go look at the sites to see them for yourself! We will release more weapon concepts in a Art Development Diary on Friday the 28th.

Screenshot of the Week
Now and then when I'm travelling through Fortitude I see something so cool looking I have to take a photo. I took the screenshot here in the middle of a demo to a new recruit. It shows the sun setting over the wastelands as rain falls softly on the dark land. I'm just glad there are no monsters in this spot just yet or I'm not sure I'd have time to stop and stare!

Developer chat
There will be a Stratics House of Commons dev chat on Monday the 24th at 8pm GMT and 8pm PST on irc.stratics.com #de-devchat. As usual this chat will be moderated with questions taken by the Stratics staff and answered by the team. If you want to learn more about Stratics chats to go to chat.stratics.com.

Hot news
- Mark Zechiel posts some thoughts on Player vs Player combat on RPG Vault
- A new dev diar
was posted last Friday with interviews with six new team members.
- Colin Smyth, Experienced Animator on the team produced development report for IGN on animating dragons
- World Builder DeeDee was on Richard and Judy on UK channel 4 last Thursday at 5pm talking about MMORPGs!

Forum post of the week
Voltaire started an interesting thread on the rules of good player vs player combat. It's worth a read for the thoughts about other games and how to improve on them. We'll be checking it out for sure!

Fan site of the month
Dragon Empires Spain - webcindario.com/dragonempires/
I'd like to welcome another fan site to our fan site family, Dragon Empires Spain. If you are a Spanish speaker keep an eye on the site for all your Dragon Empires


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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