Dragon Empires Newsletter - 7 March 2003

Spring is here! The flowers are out and so we can look forward to summer. With the seasons in mind here is a shot of what a wintery dawn looks like in Dragon Empires - click here to see the shot

Box art survey

The results of the box art survey we conducted in January are in and box number three was unanimously the favourite. This box concept is currently being worked on more by our marketing team (town is to be redone, as is the lettering, faces and other bits and pieces) so as to be ready for production. When we have a final box we will make sure to show it to you all. In case you forgot what box three looked liked, here it is:

Last month
February was a busy month and we've had a lot of fun working on buildings, characters, weapons, armour and fantastic spell effects. The team here have some great looking stuff coming on, such as bows with flames running up and down them, deadly showers of ice shards and fiery rocks and so-on. The magic is very physical and visually impressive, no more simple glowing lights! We've also been working on sounds and had a great time getting a voice actor to yawn, shout, laugh, growl, act hurt and make death sounds! Also, Rob our writer has been hard at work fleshing out more of the lore and background to Fortitude. Expect to start on an interesting voyage of discovery when we start releasing more information in coming weeks and months.

Important dates
Friday 14 - Dev Diary from Phil White, Operations Manager
Friday 21 - Newsletter
Friday 28 - Dev diary
Monday 31 - Stratics House of Commons developer chat

Hot News
- Stratics is looking for writers to work on the Dragon Empires page.
- PoL posted three interviews with members of the Dragon Empires team.
- Weapons Art Development Diary with more weapon concepts..
- Mark Zechiel, Lead Designer, continues to discuss MMORPGs on IGN RPG Vault.
- IGN RPG vault posted Q&A 19 on challenges the team has faced in developing Dragon Empires.

Forum post of the week
I started a thread asking the fans what a Kittah was? A question in our last dev chat got the developers and the community thinking and the result has been a thread of Photoshop monstrosities! Come have a look and add your own picture of what you think a Kittah might look like!

Fan site of the month
Dragon Empires Photo Gallery - http://home.btconnect.com/higster/gallery.htm
Slaine has organised a gallery of pictures of Dragon Empires community members. Judge for yourselves which are real and who should be let into the community unsupervised! Nice work Slaine.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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