Dragon Empires Newsletter - 4th April 2003

Our most recent mail to everyone on the list asked for people to update their beta profile so we will have the most accurate information when we come to select beta testers in May. So far we have had tens of thousands of people update their information, but we need more of you to complete your details! If you want to beta test the game it is essential for you to make sure your details are up to date.

To update your beta profile please go to http://www.codemasters.com/dragonempires/uk/editprofile.php . If you have forgotten or are not familiar with your login details please then follow the 'Forgotten Password' link. Simply type in your email address and you will have your password sent to you so you can log in and update your information.

Your login will also give you access to Code M, Codemasters' gamer community. You can log in to Code M here and update your profile, adjust newsletter subscriptions and so on.

If you have problems then please mail us codem@codemasters.com.
Now, on with the news!

Screenshot of the Week
This week a shot of a lake nestled high in a mountain, just one of the nice atmospheric touches you will see in the world of Fortitude thanks to the efforts of the world building team!

Letter from Gadsolme
I bring you this tale from my dealings with a primitive tribe from the West of Fortitude. During a period of stay with them I learnt many of their beliefs about the nature of the land, its creation and those things that they feel spiritually significant to their lives. The following myth is one commonly told among the collective of tribes.... more.

Last month
March was a busy month with the first of our QA (quality assurance) builds being made and sent to our internal QA team. Work continues apace on all aspects of the game and we've started seeing the first designs for the 5th empire appear.

Important dates
Friday 11 - Dev diary
Thursday 17 - Second newsletter with press-release preview
Thursday 24th - Dragon Empires press release
Friday 25 - Dev diary
Monday 28th - Developer chat

Hot news
- DE Compendious has two logs of Monday's dev chat.
- The first dev diary of Rob Adams, lore writer, is available
- Mark Zechiel, lead designer, participated in an online worlds roundtable at IGN.
- A New Members Forum has been opened for new community members.
- Calistas participated in a round table on perma-death at Mondespersistants.

Fan site of the week
Dragon Empires @ Knights of the Sacred http://www.knightsofthesacred.com/de/
Babylon has started an excellent site which summarises all publicly available information on Dragon Empires and presents it in a clean, clear and easy to understand way. If you have lingering questions about the game check out Babylon's site, it's bound to have the answer.

Forum post of the week
Soulja has created a general quiz on Dragon Empires divided into beginner and advanced sections. There's some tricky stuff in there! See how many you can get right, Calistas has even raised the possibility of a small prize for the winner!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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