Dragon Empires Newsletter - 16 May 2003

Greetings from E3! As you read this we are no doubt busy packing up the stand after another hectic and fun-filled show. Our calendars, once stuffed with appointments are now blissfully free of bookings and we look forward to the flight home and sleep, wonderful sleep! It's been a great show and people have loved the look and design of the game. I can't wait to get back to show you some more shots of the world, complete with characters and buildings casting shadows on each other, dangerous monsters and our wild landscape.

This week also marks my first anniversary of working on Dragon Empires. It has been a lot of fun and I can honestly say it wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the great community that has become as important a part of this game as the art and code. So a big thank you from me and others on the team!

Classes and races change
After much feedback and discussion on the boards we have decided to make some changes to the class system. We have added a class called 'Unbound' which is unlocked once a player has been playing Dragon Empires for a while. This class can chose any skill combination at set up and is thus a way for people to experiment and create their own skill templates. You can read about our idea

We have recently release more information on classes and races which you can read here

read more Letter from Gadsolme
Hello there friends and colleagues!
I was talking at length over a drink with an old friend about the history of our lands, about the days when we first arrived. There is much unknown about the events of that time many hundreds of years ago. It was then that my old friend, with a twinkle in his eye, said I might be interested in some documents he had discovered in an old Insect Empire library....

Dev Chat
There will be Stratics House of Commons developer chats on Monday the 26th at 8pm GMT and 8pm PST. To learn more about Stratics chats head to http://chat.stratics.com . On the night connect to irc.stratics.com #de-devchat to take part. The chat will be moderated and we will likely end up talking about E3, races and classes.

Fan site of the week
Dark Exodus - http://darkexodus.com/
Silent runs a very cleanly designed fan site which is regularly updated. Check it out for up to the minute Dragon Empires news and a great RPG name generator and community event calendar, a great way to stat in touch with what's going on in the world of Dragon Empires.

Forum post of the week
Last time we asked for feedback on character models. Based on the excellent feedback we are looking at overhauling our characters somewhat so they look a little more attractive and well proportioned. Expect to see some more shots of them as they come through.

This week, if you have a comment about our recently released lore or want to chat about lore in general this thread would be a great place to start.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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