Dragon Empires Newsletter - 6 June

It's the month of June and Beta approaches like an out of control freight train bearing down on a poor little deer. June is going to be very busy and so I will get in early and tell you all what to expect!

Beta Phase 0 is currently scheduled to start at the end of June with selection of the first 100 testers taking place in week 3 or so.You won't need to mail us to make sure you get in nor do you need to mail us if you don't get contacted. Phase 0 will test a lot of simple mechanics and once these have been tested thoroughly we will move on to the next stage. At each step we will inform you of how many we will add to the test and roughly when this will occur

All testers will be under strict non-disclosure agreements, however, we are likely to let the occasional beta report filter out so you can all enjoy a gamer's perspective of Dragon Empires development.

Now, on with the news, there's a lot of great stuff going on this month so check the newsletter fully. From this little deer, have a great June!

Screenshot of the Week

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click for more info Competition - Win a DVD, poster and beta account!
With beta approaching we thought it would be fun to have another competition. This time you can win a martial arts instruction video, a Phase 1 beta account and a Dragon Empires poster. To win the video all you need to do is take a picture of yourself in a martial arts pose, looking cool (or funny!) with something about Dragon Empires somewhere in the picture (we need proof you didn't just steal the image from google you see!). You can read the terms and conditions and more information about the competition here
click to read more Letter from Gadsolme
It seems apt at this time to bring you this story that was recounted years ago after seeking shelter from a terrible blizzard raging deep in the Ice Wilds in the north east of Fortitude. Sitting comfortably in an unbothered corner of a happily convenient tavern I was approached by a fellow traveller eager to share a tale and a nip of spirits...

Beginnings - Part 2
Last week we posted part 1 of a story on the origin of the twins seen at E3 and on our box art. Today we bring you part 2 of that story. Part 3 will be posted next week.

Important Dates
Wednesday 11 - Beginnings : Part 3
Friday 13 - Dev diary on the recent motion capture shoot
Wednesday 18 - Beginnings : Part 4
Friday 20 - Second newsletter
Wednesday 25 - Beginnings : Part 5
Friday 27 - Dev diary
Monday 30 - Stratics House of Commons dev chat
End June - Beta Phase 0 starts
Wednesday 2 - Beginnings : Part 6

Hot news
We have had so much news this month I am just going to provide links to some highlights. Head to the web site to review all the recent news as well as highlights from E3, fan site interviews and so-on.

- Dragonempires.info and de.talrias.net are looking for news posters. Mail
Exca if you are keen to help out.
- Digital Girl is running a Dragon Empires
competition where you can win a women's self defence DVD.
- MPOGD is giving away Dragon Empires posters

- IGN RPG Vault Q&A 26 on Dragon Empires at E3 has been posted
- IGN PC have done a preview of Dragon Empires, complete with exclusive new screenshots.
- Adam Parsons, our Lead Artist, wrote a dev diary on what the art team have been up to.

Fan site of the week
Kittah Realm - www.kittah.tk
The somewhat loopy Shaky Snake has created a site devoted to the Kittah. Check the art gallery for a compilation of Kittah pictures created by our own forum members.

Forum post of the week
If you want to discuss the competition or compare entries then head here and show us your super martial arts skills!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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