Dragon Empires newsletter - 1 August 2003

Beta0 has started!
We are currently organising the very first testers and the game code is being finalised. It's taken a while to reach this stage of development but we are glad to be here and to see the game taking shape so quickly. As beta progresses you will start to see more and more news and information about Dragon Empires become available, for example, we are planning a new gameplay movie in the next month or so and shortly you will be among the first to see shots from Beta0.

Also this month we start a new feature on.. features! Yes, every newsletter we will talk a little about something we think is cool or exciting in Dragon Empires. This time it's the quest system.

Feature of the week: The quest system
Quests in a roleplaying game can either be interesting and involving or a boring chore. What divides the two? We believe it is interactivity, player choice and a good story. When we devised our quest system interactivity and player choice were key components and so our system should provide players with a few surprises. For example, you could kill a creature and find a letter on it addressed to someone in a distant city. If you visit there and talk to the person you might find out you've just been sucked into a quest! In another city you might do a series of quests to join a secret criminal society (complete with arcane passwords you have to type in).. or maybe you're an upstanding citizen and will report the secret society to the authorities, starting a whole new branch of quests.

Movie download
In the last newsletter we showed a teaser of a larger Dragon Empires movie we showed at E3. It features the twins written about in the recent Beginnings story. If you want to see it again then why not download the ultra high quality version?

read more Letter from Gadsolme
This week I would like to present you with a character popular particularly among the Shadow. Known throughout the five empires under many different titles, be it Jaq the Shadow, Bluejaw, Ujak or one of dozens more she figures heavily within the culture of Fortitude....

Important dates
Friday 8th - Dev diary
Friday 15th - Second monthly newsletter
Friday 22nd - Dev diary
Monday 25th - Dev chat

Latest news
- Design the Greenvale Pivot fan competition!
- Rob Adams was questioned on Lore in the latest RPG Vault Q&A on IGN RPG Vault.
- Chat logs from Monday nights Developer chats are available on Talrias.net.
-Talrias.net is also running a competition to find a column writer for their site.

- Colin, an experienced animator with the team, wrote a great dev diary on animation, complete with a little video.
- Our own Prodigy is in this months' UK PC Zone, page 103.
- Talrias.net has an article summarising all known information about the five empires in Dragon Empires.

Forum post of the week
ExaviarIB has started an interesting thread on what things you liked from other MMORPGs . Join in and tell us what was great about your favourite game!

Fan site of the month
Dragon Empires Photo Gallery - http://www.sandd.co.uk/index2.htm
Head to the Search and Destroy Agency clan site and click on the 'gallery' menu on the side to see a scary selection of Dragon Empires fans!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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