Dragon Empires Newsletter - September 5

Beta tester diary!
Last week we released our first beta tester diary in which Tester X told us about his testing experiences to date. If you're sad you're not in Beta0 go have a read and check out pictures of the game in development. There is lots of discussion about the tester diary on the message boards.

Dragon Empires map
We have released a geographic map of Fortitude. If you want to examine the world in detail you can get a high-res version
here. You can also discuss the map on the forums.

Feature of the week: Crafting
Crafting and the economy are important features of Dragon Empires as both are closely tied to the political system. Successful cities will almost always have strong economies and a bad economic situation will almost always mean a weak city and ruling clan.

In Dragon Empires everyone is able to learn the crafting skill (which has a dozen ranks) through the completion of quests and some construction tasks. This allows you to make increasingly effective and powerful items using your Aurachrome, a special workshop that makes items whether you are offline or online. These items can then be enhanced with special items you can make and find to create truly unique magical and enhanced objects. You can read more about crafting here.

read more Letter from Gadsolme
Since last we met my exhibition has begun and I have but a few brief moments to prepare something for your delectation. I have therefore decided to once more lift an extract from Elin’s theological lexicon. In this piece she introduces us to the rather complex character of the fire god, Perras....

Important dates
Friday 12 - Dev diary
Friday 19 - 2nd Newsletter
Friday 26 - Dev diary
Monday 29 - Stratics House of Commons dev chat

Latest news
- An IGN Q&A on artificial intelligence (AI) has been posted.
- DE Compendious has posted chat logs of the last Stratics House of Commons chats.
- Talrias.net has merged with DE Stratics.
- Calistas wrote a dev diary.
- Mark Zechiel had a few things to say in a follow up article on IGN RPG Vault about the levelling treadmill.

Forum post of the week
If you've never posted on the boards and want to get involved why not start by posting to the Welcome newbies thread?

Fan site of the week
BurnOut has created a new site, the Dragon Empires Library where you can see a nice summary of the game with screenshots and downloads.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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