Dragon Empires Newsletter - 17 October 2003

Hello everyone! The morning mist is here and winter comes like a cold wintry thing. But is this to be the winter of our discontent? No! Because the Dragon Empires beta is going on! In our next phase we will add 3,200 more people to the test, a significant jump in numbers, as well as a lot of great features like quests, monsters, cities and the economy. We expect the next phase to happen later on this winter and we're quite excited by the prospect of seeing the game develop and grow so much. We will mail you if you get invited so don't worry about missing out. If you're getting this mail you have a chance! Now would also be a good time to get your friends onto the beta list before we are swamped with even more applicants so forward this on and let them know about us.

Feature of the week: Lore
A lot of people know that we have some great lore being written but not everyone knows where it all comes from. Back when Dragon Empires was first being worked on we contacted Piers Anthony, a well known fantasy author, to create a back story and world for Dragon Empires. He came up with our five unique dragons and their unusual pact with humanity (some of which has been mentioned in published stories already). We've always been strongly committed to creating a living and breathing world with great stories and quests which is why earlier this year we hired our writer Rob Adams to continue developing the world Piers gave us. We will continue to add to the background and you should look for more stories later this year.

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Letter from Gadsolme

As promised I will this week bring you up to date with the small exhibition that I have been holding over the recent months

Dev Chats
There will be a Stratics House of Commons developer chat on Monday the 27th of October at 8pm GMT and 8pm PST. To learn more about Stratics chats head to http://chat.stratics.com. On the night connect to irc.stratics.com #de-devchat to take part. The chat will be moderated.

Hot news
- Custom avatars available on the forums. Read about how to get yours on here.
- New dev diary with new concept art available.
- RPG Vault Q&A 35 was posted.
- DE has had great coverage in PC Gameplay Belgium and a mention in CGM US as well as monthly Dev Diaries for PC Zone UK.

Forum post of the week
If you want to talk on the Dragon Empires chat channel then read this forum post by Stonecraft which provides a thorough guide to the mysteries of IRC chat. The channel regularly has around 50 people in it and is frequented by developers too.

Fan site of the week
Ladies Empire - www.ladiesempire.com
Alia has created a fan site to promote interest in MMORPGs and Dragon Empires amongst women gamers. The site is still in development right now but promises to be a useful resource for all gamers.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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