Dragon Empires newsletter - 7th November

One of the nice things about game development is getting a lot of creative energy coming together in one place and then giving it a shake and seeing what falls out. The best thing things about working on a fantasy game is that what pops out is usually exciting.

Last month we saw some scary new monsters go from concept to completed model and we saw Fin (the fish dragon) fly, or is it swim, across our desktops for the first time. We've also had cities appear from nowhere and watched their lights at night under beautiful Aurora Borealis, as you can see below!

Feature of the week - Combat

Making fighting monsters and other players fun and interesting has been a goal of ours for a long time. To achieve this goal we have created a system which gives players a lot of choices to make in combat and a lot of flexibility in choosing a course of action which brings them victory.

For starters, you have to chose which weapon you go into combat with. Different weapons will do different damage types and give you access to different abilities. You also have to chose the abilities you use carefully because if you drain yourself of too much energy you will be weak for the rest of the fight. Finally, you should look at your enemy's weapons and armour and think about their tactics and their weaknesses.

Only by carefully thinking about the combat you're in can you get the extra edge to ensure victory over a tough opponent.

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Letter from Gadsolme

Gadsolme is on holiday this week but Thursday 15th come and check the web site for a great new story about the origin of the Dragons and the mysterious ruins that dot the landscape of Fortitude.

Important dates
Thursday 13th - Lore release
Friday 14th - Dev diary
Friday 21st - Second newsletter and a competition
Monday 24th - Stratics House of Commons dev chat
Friday 28th - Tester diary

Latest news
- Edbis have a Dragon Empires preview for you to read.
- Zikar has made another DE cartoon.
- RPG Vault has the 37th Q&A available.
- MMORPG Dot has its 3rd DE interview for you to read.
- RPG Planet's DE Chronicles has an article on the exclusive concept of the Yellowback Empire.
- Scott Cowie, Lead World Builder, took part in another RPG Vault round table available.
..There's lots more news on the site, go have a look.

Forum post of the week
There has been a lot of talk about expansion packs and what makes a great expansion pack for an MMORPG. Go add your two cents worth!

Fan site of the week
Dragon Chronicles - http://rpgplanet.com/de
Darkov has opened a new site on the RPG Planet network and it's full of great information and links as well as a dev-tracker which follows what the latest interesting posts are by developers on the game forums.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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