Dragon Empires newsletter - 9 January

Welcome to 2004! We hope you all had a great holiday and New Year, we did and now development is moving quickly as various deadlines approach. This week I thought it would be a great chance to review the progress of each of our departments to give you a better insight into the progress on the game.

I had a quick chat to Roxby, our lead programmer. He tells me the main task for the programmers right now is going through sub systems to check everything is working before the next release is put up. "We are also testing how the game handles very large numbers", he continued, explaining that stability, even at this early stage, is very important. The programming team are also working on the economy, the quest engine and tools, abilities and skills.

Adam informs me that all weapons armour and animations have been finished, bar some tweaks, and are currently being tested in game. A handful of spells are left to tweak before they are complete and the high-res artists are working on a render of Fin the Fish Dragon after completing one of Kite, one of our twins, painting Quill's beak!

World building
With placing cities and roads complete I went to ask Scott what his team was working on now. Scott was busy staring at the world editor when we chatted. "We're working on monster spawn zones" he said. "Anything else?", I asked, "No, just spawn zones!" he replied. With more than five hundred square miles to cover with critters I expect we will hear the same answer for quite some time yet!

Phil tells me that managing the servers, planning support, and game master recruitment has kept his team busy. Also, his two database programmers are in almost constant demand as various pieces of work are completed and need integration.

First ever Empire of the Lady screenshot!
To usher in the New Year with a bang we present the first ever public release of an Empire of the Lady screenshot! The Empire of the Lady is known for its love of the arts and high culture but also their uncompromisingly elitist attitude. Their cities are on top of massive pillars which stretch a hundred or more meters into the sky and use the power of the sun to fuel their industry and science. Those not fortunate enough to be among the elite scrabble out a living in the slums at the base of each city monolith.

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Letter from Gadsolme

"Tidying away the moth eaten rags and dusty old broken statues I found a large pile of literary volumes that had lain forgotten for many years..." more

Important Dates
Friday 16th - Dev diary
Friday 23rd - Newsletter
Monday 26th - House of Commons dev chat
Friday 30th - Dev diary.

Hot news
- With Christmas and New Year only just passed news has been quiet. Regardless, RPG Vault published another Q&A on the current status of the game and plans for beta.

Forum post of the week
King Satchmo has started a thread about healer characters and playing them in Dragon Empires and other MMORPGs..

Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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