Dragon Empires Newsletter - 6th February

Hello everyone, Satine here! With Calistas away this month for a well-deserved break to visit his family and attend his sister's wedding in New Zealand, I have stepped in to hold the fort whilst he's away. So this newsletter might feel a little different to normal.

Beta News
The big news this month is the start of Beta0.5! Over the next few days over three thousand of you will receive your beta invitations via e-mail. If you aren't successful this time then fear not! Your chance will come soon in one of the upcoming beta phases.

As has been mentioned before, the Beta0.5 phase is primarily for testing server stability with larger numbers of people. This means that a lot of the features such as combat have been disabled and frankly there isn't a whole lot to do from a game-play point of view! On the plus side, it will be a relatively short phase and we'll soon be able to get on to the much more interesting Beta1 phase.

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Letter from Gadsolme

Once more the time arrives for me to provide you with a new fragment of Fortitude's wide-ranging and diverse history. This week it would probably be sensible for me to communicate to you in hushed tones (if that is at all possible in written form) for I will divulge a little detail of the notorious and ill-famed bandit group, the Redscars....more

Hot news
- Dragon Empires competition! Dragon Empires 4Players has a competition to win posters and beta accounts.
  Go enter and try to guarantee your place in the next phase!
- Interview with Asmodan - Asmodan, leader of the Protectors of Valhalla is interviewed at Dragon Exodus on
  the one-year anniversary of the clan's formation.
- Animator dev diary - Taija, one of our animators, has written a dev diary on the animation testing she has
  been doing on Monster Island!
- RPG Vault Q&A - Jonric and Calistas talk about the Autumn release date in this latest Q&A from IGN RPG
- EGCore screenshot and interview with Calistas.

Feature of the Week - Dev News
This week we thought it would be interesting to get an update from the QA (Quality Assurance) team as it's been quite a long time since we heard anything from them. These guys are currently testing a significantly progressed version of the client build that includes features from areas of the game such as the economy, progression, abilities and monsters.

There has been successful testing of manufacturing goods, characters leveling up and firing of abilities such as the affectionately known 'Twigs of Doom'. As for the monsters, since they were last heard of chasing Princess Lumi around the world, it would seem that some monsters have assumed a different tactic. Apparently the hyenas were giving QA a hard time as they had a habit of running off the island at a blinding speed and swimming until the next empire, all in one long convoy! They need to be speed-nerfed...


Dragon Empires Team


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