Dragon Empires newsletter - 20th February

Well February so far has been quite a busy month for all involved. Beta0.5 kicked off a couple of weeks ago with over a thousand bright and eager invitees being dealt out with copies of the beta client. The initial wave of testers did such a fantastic job that we decided to hold back on the other 2000 or so invitations so that we could fix some of their bugs and make improvements to the invitation system.

Therefore, the good news for everyone who thought they hadn't made it into beta yet is that there are still many invitations yet to come and this should happen very soon!

So what have we been doing?
As you are all probably aware, Beta0.5 is mainly a server stress test and as there isn't much gameplay as such, the beta-testers have been quite creative during their time in Fortitude. A hike took place last week in which around 25 of them walked from empire to empire to take in the breathtaking views and explore the delights of the world. I believe I heard that a race was being organised, more on that later.

Our main objective of getting 800 people in the game simultaneously is still pending but we expect this to be achieved over the next couple of weeks. With the promise of special treats, we don't doubt that everyone will logon at the specified time!


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Hot news
- Questionnaire - In the next few days we will be sending out a questionnaire to a selection of randomly   chosen people. The purpose of the questionnaire is to gauge how people would prefer to receive their beta   client in future beta phases. Don't worry if you do not receive one this time, we just want to get an idea of   what a cross-section of people think. Please also note that this is *not* an invitation to beta!
- RPG Vault Q&A - In the latest question and answer session, Jonric talks to Phil White about Beta0.5.
- Just RPG Dragon Empires Article - by Wendy Gasperazzo. An informative and interesting article about   everything Dragon Empires. With a bonus of five brand new screenshots!View here
- Lead Artist dev diary - Adam brings us up to date on the art team's progress, plus kindly gives us a   whopping 9 new screenshots of spell effects! Read here

Beta0.5 invites and e-mail addresses - We have had several of our beta invitations e-mails bounced back.   We ask that you all please ensure your beta registration details are up to date! You can check here

Feature of the Week - Dev News
This week we hear from Nicola who is responsible for the world economy system. In preparation for Beta1, Nicola has been putting her code through some extreme tests to check its functionality and stability and is delighted to report that she has had 100% success with some impressively short processing times. Here comes the scientific part; Nicola set up 3,200 manufacturing characters, each with 30 Trade Storage Containers and 10 Aurachromes. This means that there were a total of 96,120 Trade Storage Containers and 32,040 Aurachromes in use simultaneously! The processing and manufacturing of these were spread over only six cities and the end result was a total manufacturing time of 20 seconds for the lot!! I believe there is a surplus of unsold goods in Fortitude right now!


Dragon Empires Team


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