Dragon Empires newsletter - 19th March

It is not long now till Beta1 starts when a lot of new testers will be invited to test Dragon Empires. Right now we have more than 115,000 testers signed up to our list, including you! Over the coming months we will add more and more of you to the test. Right now there are only a few percent of the total available testers playing the game. However, once Beta1 and further betas start we will invite thousands more until we eventually include everyone on this list.

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Letter from Gadsolme

I am writing this having just arrived back from my business excursion in Greenwater...more

Hot news
- A new Warcry beta diary on exploring the Blackfly Empire is available.
- Win a Beta1 account with a competition, MMORPG.com is running.
- RobC rambles about escaping dragons at Stratics.
- MMOG-Dawn interviews Calistas on what it means to be a Community Liaison.
- There is a new dev diary on quests available on the Dragon Empires web site.
- MMOG Hell has a series of weekly Dragon Empires screenshots.
- RPG Vault has a Q&A on the five empires.

Dev news - Playing the game
I've previously mentioned how well the game is coming along now and the first signs of this were shown to us all last week. In a spare hour last Friday Prodigy, Lead World Builder, logged in and began to play. He sent us an account of his journey in which he killed and looted some monsters, sold his items at town, started up a workshop and completed a couple of training quests. It's great to see people able to log in and play and we look forward to getting more of you involved soon.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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