Dragon Empires newsletter - 2nd April

As the weeks go by our attention is increasingly drawn to Beta1 which approaches soon (and when we will invite more of you to test) and the E3 conference in May. Already there has been a great deal of discussion and planning and we are looking forward to showing off Dragon Empires at this fantastic games expo. We plan to have demo pods so passers-by can see the game as well as other exciting activities occurring on the stand. If you aren't going, don't worry, we'll cover all of the news and events on our own web page and I'm sure you'll see us on your favourite games news sites too.

New web site!
We have launched a fantastic new site with loads more details about the game and the world of Fortitude!

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Letter from Gadsolme

As considerable interest was displayed last time in the positions and posts held within the Blackfly Empire I will bring you some more descriptions, this time of the Yellowback Empire....more

Hot news
- New screenshots of the week at MMOG Hell here and here.
- Calistas is interviewed by MarkeeDragon.
- MMO Worlds has a competition to win Beta1 accounts. How well do you know the lore?

- Robc visitsCodemasters at GDC and talks to our principal artist, Jolyon.
- Trevor treats us to a dev diary on art before flying off to explore the world!

Dev News - Web site
The Dragon Empires web site has just gone through its second revision and I think you will all agree that it looks and reads better than ever. We will continue to update the site and add new content over coming weeks. In addition to these changes we will also develop some great features for the final release of the game. Expect to see dynamic maps showing who owns what city, clan and character profiles and many other great features which will let you stay in touch with Fortitude even when you're not logged in.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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