Dragon Empires newsletter- 16th April

The launch of our new web site has been a great success and we have been very pleased with the response from the community. We're also quite excited about what we will be doing with the site in the future. Look forward to seeing interactive maps that load information from the game world, clan and character information and other great features!

Meanwhile, this week we have added a new creature to our bestiary, a female Alpha Predator. The Alpha Predators are the most vicious breed of creatures native to Fortitude and you can read a little more about them here


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Letter from Gadsolme

And so it comes to detail the prominent offices of the Redwing Empire. As unique and individual as any other of the five empires...more

Hot news
- Nine new screenshots added! Check the screenshots page and click through the empires to see the latest   images.
- IGN RPGVault hosts the 10th MMOG Roundtable, this time on thefuture of the industry.
- Robc rants about terrain in the 8th Empire Echoes.
- Calistas and Dragon Empires won awards for outstanding community relations and best beta in the Stratics   annual Golden Cog awards.

Dev News - Monsters
Populating Fortitude with creatures is a job for our world builders and the art team and so far they have been doing a great job of it! How creatures are placed in the world has been carefully thought out. Monsters near towns tend to be easier than creatures further out and monsters on the inner arc of Fortitude's island horseshoe.

Creatures in Fortitude are divided into three kinds. The native creatures such as the venerated beasts, hybrids, which are strange creations of the Ancient Masters and the Ancient Masters and their slaves themselves. Every creature fits in to one of these three categories and they help determine the monster's behaviour and intelligence. Smart hunters know their prey so keep an eye on the bestiary in coming months!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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