Dragon Empires Newsletter - 10 May

This week we fly off to L.A. for the E3 games expo which runs from Wednesday to Friday. There's going to be a lot of Dragon Empires on show and it will be an exciting event for us. We have a huge gameplay video on the stand (which we will bring you when Beta1 comes in June) and anyone can walk up and see the game and chat to developers. It's going to be a lot of fun but we're all certain to be hoarse by Friday!

Codemasters E3 website
This year we will have a member of the Codemasters team working full time to provide you with live coverage of the stand and Codemasters events. This new site, available here will have a web cam on during E3, dedicated E3 forums for your questions or comments as well as video interviews, coverage reports and a blog. Keep an eye on it and keep in touch with the latest E3 news!

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Letter from Gadsolme

Once more time brings us to the fourth instalment of my study of some of the official positions within the Dragon Empires. This time I will bring your attention to the Greenwater Empire and those that reside within its gracious floating cities...more

Dev Chats
There will be a Stratics House of Commons developer chat on Monday the 31st of May at 8pm GMT and 10pm PST (please note the new west coast US time). To learn more about Stratics chats head to http://chat.stratics.com. On the night connect to irc.stratics.com #de-devchat to take part. The chat will be moderated.

Hot news
- GameSpot has some Dragon Empires screenshots.
- Codemasters E3Live website is available here.
- MMOG Hell has two new screenshots of the week.
- RPG Vault started a new feature, the Dragon Empires Guidebook. This issue looks at the Greenwater Empire.
- Robc has some thoughts on the Greenwater empire in his latest Empire Echoes.

Dev news - Lore
Rob Adams, our in-house writer has been very busy working on expanding the story of the Empires and providing more detail to players through the Gadsolme entries. A central part of Rob's job is planning how our epic quests will be related to the existing lore and where these stories will go as the game moves forward. Above all we want to create an interesting world with interesting stories and to see those stories develop. After release the lore will continue to be developed based on a combination of our own ideas and the actions of players in game. With our quest tools we can quickly drop in quests for a week that, if enough players complete, change the way the game's story progresses. We believe that through events like this the story will really come alive for gamers.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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