Dragon Empires Newsletter - 21 May

On Monday we all arrived back from E3 jetlagged, hoarse but otherwise very happy! Codemasters and Dragon Empires had a great show and we met a lot of people and talked to them about the game. We showed off some new effects we've been working on as well as the latest build of the game. Feedback was very positive and people liked the idea that we are aiming to give players a lot of control over the world as well as the fantastic look and feel of Fortitude.

If you want to read more about our E3 experience then have a look at Codemasters E3 Live site which you can find here. To see some shots of the Dragon Empires section of the stand, including our twins, the fabulous Kite and Mooneye, go here. It was great fun having booth babes of our very own and they did a great job of impressing the crowds.

Now we're returned from E3 it's back to work on the game. The big target we're aiming for is the Beta1 release which will see more than 3,000 people invited to join the beta test. This phase is due June/July and will feature quests, monsters and combat and the economic system.

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Letter from Gadsolme

And so the series continues, this time with focus placed on that great and noble empire, The Empire of the Lady. Powerful, wealthy and imposing, The Empire of the Lady has played a prominent role in the history of Fortitude....more

Hot news
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- Stratics has a detailed E3 preview for you to read.
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Dev news - Ongoing improvements
One of the nice things about working on a massively multiplayer game is that technology is always changing as the game develops and goes live. As we develop Dragon Empires we're always keeping our eyes open for new ways to make it look and play even better and we will keep doing this once the game is live too. Recently we began work on shadows being cast by buildings and objects, characters and monsters. The shadows move with the sun, fall on other objects (as well as the object casting the shadow) and add so much to the world the effect is really breathtaking. Once we are happy with them and some other tricks up our sleeves we will let you all have a look!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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