Dragon Empires Newsletter - 21 June

I thought I would hijack the start of the newsletter this month as it has been a while since I last gave you all an update as to where we are and I know you are all very keen to know what is going on and most importantly when Beta 1 will be here and you can login and play the game!

For a while now we have been working on the hardest bit of our project, server load. We are still working to get the server optimised to support larger numbers of people than it can currently and until we achieve this we are reluctant to release Beta1 as the experience would be very unsatisfactory for everyone.

On a more positive note we are making some good progress and the servers are more stable now than they have ever been. In-game GM commands and associated security are starting to appear and the petitioning system is being placed into the client code as I type (the web based version is all ready to go) . This means that we can support more users earlier in the next Beta cycle than we initially thought, so a lot more of you will be invited to play sooner!

Unfortunately I cannot give you an exact date for Beta 1 and I also do not want to say 'soon' (to all the forum users, yes we are looking to trademark that word for the game!!) which leaves me the only option of saying it will be available presently ;) Now back to Calistas and the newsletter!

Phil 'Vortal' White - Operations Manager - Dragon Empires

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Sound competition!
In our most recent dev diary we had the sound of a mysterious creature emerging from a swamp and walking past the player... What is that creature? If you think you know then keep an eye out for the next newsletter when we will tell you what great prizes you can win and how to enter our competition to 'guess the sound'. Until then, listen to the sound, scour the web for ideas and look for the next newsletter on Friday the 2nd of July!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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