Dragon Empires Newsletter - 19 July

Letter from Calistas
Today we're bringing you a new monster, featured below. This odd creature is more dangerous than a first glance would suggest! You can read about him below and there's further information at Starglade. Also this month we released some fantastic wallpapers for you to download. You can see some of them below along with links to download them. Enjoy!

Exciting new wallpapers!!
Click on a size below to download

- Fantastic Dragon Empires wallpapers are now available in
1024x768 & 1600x1200

Mid-month monster
This week we thought we would bring you pictures of the clawtail, a surprisingly dangerous creature because of its heavily armoured hide, its powerful jaws and its spiky tail which can surprise and knock a foe down. You can see the bestiary entry here.

Latest Screenshot From the Redwing Empire
Click here to see the bestiary entry

Sound competition continues
The competition to win some great prizes by identifying a mystery sound continues. If you haven't yet entered, go and read what you have to do and take a guess!

Hot News
- The Den of Shadows has a new competition up where you can win a beta slot, a t-shirt and a poster, go and   have a look.
- Robc has a few thoughts about magic.
- Princess Lumi, an animator on the team, has been interviewed by Robc.
- Robc has written an excellent and detailed article on crafting in Dragon Empires.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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