Dragon Empires newsletter - 20th August

Hi folks! First off, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has voted and commented in the newsletter poll so far. The results currently show that the significant majority would like the frequency to stay as it is at the moment; twice monthly. I will take the final result count at the end of the month, giving the people on holiday at the moment a chance to come back and vote. It will also remain open for you to add any ideas, suggestions or comments you may have to it. Click Here to be taken to the poll thread.

New item!

Due to the effect the sunshine has had on the team, this month we're introducing a new, limited-run feature of funny quotes. Every newsletter for the next few weeks will feature one of our many, highly amusing dev quotes. As official quote records only began in late July, we were afraid some of the best were lost forever, however, after a quick e-mail around the team they surely came up with some long forgotten corkers. Not to mention a whole host of un-repeatable ones! The new spot'll be down at the bottom after dev. news.

Lore - The Crusades - Part 2
Author: Rob Adams

We gather our water from the lake beneath us, we dry out clothes in the sun and when it rains we hang them in front of the hearth. The children scream for food and sometimes I can’t feed them, it is even harder in the days since my husband left... more

Dev Chats
There will be a Stratics House of Commons developer chat on Monday the 30th of August at 8pm GMT and 10pm PST (please note the new west coast US time). To learn more about Stratics chats head to http://chat.stratics.com. On the night connect to irc.stratics.com #straticshoc to take part. The chat will be moderated

Hot News (and there's a lot of it this week!)
- Article about the marketplace at Stratics
   The guys over at Stratics have written an interesting piece detailing the marketplace and its workings...
- New screenshots at Gamergod!
   Gamergod have released three more exclusive screenshots. Go and see them here
- New dev diary!
   Folks, put your clever hats on because Dan's given us a special look at architecture, zoning and awareness    in his dev diary posted today.
- New mini-series on the classes at RPG Vault!
   The first in a three-part mini-series on the classes, on the human classes. Accompanied by two exclusive    screenshots, this article explores the differences between them. Read on
- DE Stratics relaunches
   After some serious work under the hood and a new paint job, Stratics Dragon Empires site relaunches today.    Check out their new forums, crafting guide, revamped Atlas and much much more!
- Exclusive render sheet at Stratics
   To celebrate their relaunch, Stratics were given two rather splendid render sheets of Kite and Mooneye.    Check out Kite's sheet in their gallery...
- Fan interview with Asmodan at Stratics
   Kronic from Stratics interviews Asmodan, the leader of clan PoVal. You can read it here
- Another Empire Echoes out!
   To PL or not to PL? Robc asks that question and debates whether the torment power levelling put him    through is really worth it...
- New Q&A over at Gamergod
   Satine answers lots of questions posed by the folks at Gamergod based on the classes and skills in Dragon    Empires.
- How to take over and rule cities, at Mondespersistants
   San from Mondepersistants has written an article on the intricacies of conquering and ruling a city. You    can read it here (In French).
- Two new screenshots at Gamergod.com
   Gamergod have posted a couple of brand new screenshots in the teaser for their upcoming QnA article.
- New Empire Echoes out - "Close Encounter with a cheater"
   Robc from Stratics discusses his 'real-life' encounter with a cheater and his 'sensitivity' to their actions.
- Online-Rollenspiels interview with Calistas
   As Calistas jetted off to sunnier climes, Valentin Rahmel from Online-Rollenspiel nabbed
   a last minute interview with him. In German and English!
- OnlineWelten posts a preview article on Dragon Empires
   d0c, from OnlineWelten wrote a detailed preview on Dragon Empires. (In German).
- Mondepersistants writes an article about crafting - in French!
   San over at Mondepersistants has written a piece about the crafting, economy and aurachromes.
- Gamezone´s Michael Lafferty interviews Satine
   Satine talks to Michael Lafferty from Gamezone about the role of a community liaison manager.

Dev News - The prodigy speaks?
This week we caught up with Scott, a.k.a 'Prodigy', the lead world builder/level designer. Since we last spoke to him, Scott and his team have been painstakingly populating the world with NPCs. The residents of Fortitude's cities are gradually assuming their places awaiting the arrival of newcomers to whom they can sell their goods, tell their stories and teach them the ways.

Scott also described how they had been dressing the towns. The term 'dressing' means to put all the scenery and props over the cities, much like you might set a stage ready for a theatrical production. All of the objects, ornaments, posts, fabrics and designs really give the cities a lived-in feel. In addition to all that the monster spawnzone document, also known as the uber spreadsheet of doom is turning into a truly magnificent piece of work. The use of colour might hurt your eyes but Scott assures me that it's the only way to keep track of thousands of zones. Each monster is carefully chosen and assigned to ensure that every single square metre of the huge world is properly balanced/populated. Imagine the work involved when I tell you there are over 10,000 zones!

New! Dev Quotes
When asked about the status of a bug, the programmer replied,
"I did fix it but I fixed it in a way that meant it wasn't working", HD.

Until next time!

Sam 'Satine' Russell

Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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