Dragon Empires newsletter - 20 June 2003

A letter from Ted Carron (Hatman)- Producer of Dragon Empires.
Hello everyone,

I am sure you are all eager to hear news of the beta and while I can give you some news unfortunately it won't be the news a lot of you want. Due to some delays beta will not now start till the end of July/start of August. The reason for this delay is as usual that everything about an MMORPG is harder than you think at first.

At first Phase 0 was going to be very simple but we decided this would get very boring very quickly. So we decided to add some more features. When Phase 0 starts it will include weapons and armor sets - simulated classes and races and PvP formal battles.

While this does result in a delay to the beta start it does mean that beta will be more fun from the start and we can get more useful testing done.

So, please be patient with us a little longer and we will keep in touch!

Ted Carron
Producer - Dragon Empires

A note from Merric
Well, I feel I must to apologise on behalf of Gadsolme this week as I’m afraid he has yet to appear. I must say that I was expecting him to return from his trip perhaps a couple of days ago but he has yet to show his face...

Dev Chat
There will be a Stratics House of Commons developer chat on Monday the 30th of June at 8pm GMT and 8pm PST. We will cover two topics, combat and economics. To learn more about Stratics chats head to http://chat.stratics.com. On the night connect to irc.stratics.com #de-devchat to take part. The chat will be moderated.

Hot news
- Beginnings Parts 3 and 4
- Lead Designer Mark Zechiel
talks about immersion in an RPG Vault round table.
- A full
dev diary by Principal Artist Jolyon Webb of the motion capture session is available.
- Just RPG have posted a
E3 Dragon Empires preview.
- Lead Artist, Adam Parsons, has been
interviewed on Talrias.net.

Fan site of the week
This month seems to be the time for fan sites to redesign themselves DE Compendious , Moonshade and Talrias.net have all had a little reworking going on.

Forum post of the week
If you want to check out some competition entries then head to that message thread where many demented people have posted up some pictures of themselves for the DVD competition!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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