Dragon Empires newsletter - 3 October 2003

Beta tester diary 2
The second monthly beta tester diary was published last Friday and this month features comments from the testers on their favourite moments during beta. Check it out for the two new screenshots as well!

Feature of the Week: Magic
Dragon Empires has a unique magic system that gives the players a lot of choice in how they use their magic powers. As you learn spells in DE you attach the ones you want to use to magic items you carry (up to around five spells per item). Each item can change how the spell behaves and so no two magic users will ever have quite the same powers. For example, if you have a fireball you might attach it to a magic staff that gives the fireball greater range (but at the cost of more energy). At the same time you might take an area effect spell and attach it to a wand which reduces the range, damage and recast time. In this way you could have some good long-range firepower with a back-up spell you could switch to that you can chain-cast in an emergency. The flexibility of the system means players can create unique magic users with an individual style by combining different items with different spells.

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Letter from Gadsolme

Today I will present you with the final instalment of writings on the gods of Fortitude this time concentrating on the goddess Adlef, patron deity of the Redwing Empire

Important dates
Friday 10th - Dev diary
Friday 17th - 2nd newsletter
Friday 24th - Beta tester diary
Monday 27th - Stratics House of Commons dev chat

Latest news
- 4Players had some questions answered from their German Forums
- Part 4 of the GameBunny interview series is available
- DE Stratics has a Dragon Empires cartoon!
- DE Compendious has posted links to the chat logs from Monday's dev chats.
- RPG Vault Q&A #34 on the focus of Dragon Empires is up.

Forum post of the week
Monoxide has started an interesting and at times heated debate on how city combat should work in Dragon Empires and MMORPGs in general. If you wonder how Dragon Empires' system works or the reason for its specific design have a read and check out other people's opinions too.

Fan site of the week
Dragon Herald - www.dragonherald.com
Dragon Herald reopens with a focus on mapping the world of Fortitude. Dragon Herald features a large and dynamic map of Fortitude which has screenshots and their locations, names and more features being added daily.


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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