Dragon Empires newsletter - 19 December

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2003 has been an exciting year for us and we know that in 2004 it's just going to get better. To celebrate the season we have four Christmas eCards you can use to send out to friends and family. Three of the cards were created by community members who did a great job in coming up with cards at short notice.

We have also created a Year in Review dev diary in which some of our developers have contributed short summaries of their year and messages to the community.

So, until next year, when our first newsletter will be on January the 8th, have a great holiday season and try not to eat too much!


Feature of the week - The Blood Circus
While everyone knows you can fight for cities in Dragon Empires not everyone knows you can, at any time, start a formal battle with up to five other individuals or groups. What's more, participants can add money or items to a betting pool with the winner taking all! Starting a battle is relatively easy and requires each group leader to agree to the fight. Once they have the groups are teleported a short distance to a pillar. To their left and right, in a ring, are the other groups at their own pillar. Shortly after this the fight starts and each team must try and achieve the fight goal. Each fight can have a different goal such as protect the leader, king of the hill and so on. The Blood Circus works with as many as six groups and as few as two people. If you die you lose nothing and in some game types will spawn again to keep on fighting.

We think the Blood Circus will be a great tool for PvP tournaments and an excellent training tool for clans. It's also a great and risk-free way of having some quick fun and practicing your tactics.


read more Letter from Gadsolme
As the turning of the year approaches many peoples’ thoughts turn to festivities and merriment. Throughout the five empires, festivals of all sorts will be taking place, galas and fairs, carnivals and parties and celebrations of all kinds...more

Dev Chat
There will be no dev chat this month. We will return in January.

Hot news
- RPG Vault Q&A on the player driven economy.
- Mondespersistants has a huge preview of DE in French with some nice new pictures at the end! .
- You can win a beta account with Den of Shadows fan site.

Forum post of the week
RockTheCasbaH started an interesting thread on
gold and the economy. Check it out for discussion on Dragon Empire's economy.

Fan site of the week
The Dragons Den - www.de.nemisiis.co.uk
The Knights Templar clan has set up a public news and info site for Dragon Empires. Keep up the good work guys!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager - Dragon Empires


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