Dragon Empires Newsletter - 2 July

Competition time!
As promised it is time for our sound competition. As you may remember we previously wrote a dev diary on sound you can read here. In this diary we had three sounds from the game, one of them a mystery sound. If you can tell us which creature you think this is you could win some great prizes! The creature is one that is either on the page or has been spoken of before so that should narrow down your search.

For the winner we have two brand-new games, Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 and Perimeter, a Dragon Empires beta account, a Dragon Empires T-Shirt and a Dragon Empires poster. This time around we also have a booby prize for the most awful entry. Yes, if you are judged most awful then you can win your very own, slightly used, Richard Clayderman CD!

To enter mail decompetitions@codemasters.com and tell us what you think the monster is! The competition will close on the 5th of August and you can read the terms and conditions here.

Latest Screenshot From the Redwing Empire

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Hot News
- Kronic interviews the Red Lions clan.
- Robc writes about beta testing.
- Stratics interviews Prodigy, Lead World Builder on Dragon Empires
- Recently opened DE OGaming has two new exclusive screenshots.

Dev News - World
Prodigy and his team have been busy at work designing spawn zones and examining spreadsheets (the less glamorous side of their job!). The spawn zone and world content for Beta1 phase is largely done and now they have turned their attention to planning the spawn zones for the rest of the world. When they aren't fiddling with spreadsheets they spend their time working with design and quests, adjusting and adding secret things to the world for you to discover!


Peter Tyson
Community Liaison Manager
Dragon Empires Team


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