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19th of December 2002
New screenshot!
Calistas sent every fansite a LOTR-like image of a swamp. See the image here.
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16th of June 2003
3rd week of june
Hurray, hurray...
This week Codemasters will send out invitations to beta phase 0, so don't forget to check your e-mail. Good luck for all, I wish we all could get in, but that's not possible.
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26th of August 2003 status
I haven't been able to post much news lately as you might have noticed. I have been busy with my job, but now I actually get some free time as holidays end and I am not needed so much in work anymore (wohoo, this mean I actually get days off from work).

I will try to start keeping this site up-to-date 24/7 and to get to that goal I need your help. If you know how to write english and you know what is happening in the DE scene I offer you a position as a news poster of If you are interested please mail

I am planning on adding whole lot of new features to this site but nothing more of em yet.

For the missing news please look out the news section of
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3rd of January 2003
New newsletter!
The first newsletter of year 2003 has been sent out. The newsletter has 5 awesome images of possible box images, and Codemasters is asking us to vote for the best image.

Last month has been a good month in development. Devs started to build the world (maybe some extra videos and screenshots in near future?).

The forum post of the week goes to a thread posted by Alanon. The fansite of the week -title goes to Well done.

Last but not least, the important dates of January:
Friday 10th - Dev Diary
Friday 10th - Fan Chat organised by ExaviarIB on Stratics 9pm GMT, 9pm EST
Friday 17th - Second newsletter of the month
Friday 24th - Dev Diary
Monday 27th - Developer Chat: Fan feedback!

Read the newsletter here.

Oh, and forgot to post the newest Q&A by RPGVault. It's about world building. You may read it here.
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20th of February 2003
Lots of news
Lets start with RPGVault has written many new articles and Q&As. You may find them all here. IGN got also a new cool video of a flying dragon. You may find it in the end of the article of from Movies section on this site.

There is also a new official dev diary, this time about new developers.

Before releasing new newsletter Peter 'Calistas' Tyson sent out two concepts of weapons: Throwing Axe and a Long Sword. Both from unknown empires.
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29th of August 2003
New Q&A
This time about AI (artificial intelligence). You may read it here
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10th of May 2003
Added a poll system
I have added a poll system to the page. You can see it on right-hand column. Please feel free to vote :)

The server I am using will be transferred to better place soon. The site should work faster after the transfer.
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15th of January 2004
Message from the army
It's been quite nice staying here in the army, now I'm going to share you some of my stories:

Day 1:

Today we found out where we will live for the next 8 weeks, we also got to meet our team mates. I was shocked by the lack of weapons we had when we received our first pack of items we're going to need every day here in the army. First day was busy, just like in any mmorpg.

Day 2:

Hurray for early wakeups. I didn't sleep at all during first night, just rolled around the bed all the time. During second day, we boosted our stamina by marching to the military restaraunt and back to our group appartement. I think I'm going to be good in this mmorpg.

Day 3:

Have to go, been busy. First time I reached computer. Nights are good. We got our weapons, but our skill isn't high enough to shoot em. Tomorrow we will learn how to disarm and re-arm those pieces of mass destruction. This mmorpg is coming better all the time.

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4th of September 2003
New highres map available
New High-res map is available through codies site, check it out
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26th of January 2003
New Dev Diary from Scott Cowie - world builder
New dev diary has been published by Scott. He writes about how the world is coming up.

Also new fansite is online, may I present Dragon Empires Japan
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