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In Dragon Empires you group with friends into clans and compete for the ownership of the 50 cities scattered throughout the world. As you grow your empire you tax the cities you own, foster trade and a strong economy and keep would-be rivals from challenging your position. With luck player-merchants will flock to you and make you rich.

But be careful! Should you fail to win support for your city and to appease the Dragon in the empire you dwell you will find your city becoming unstable and ripe for conquest. Other clans will be lining up to challenge your ownership, wanting a piece of the wealth themselves.

Perhaps the battle for cities doesn''t interest you as much as combat itself. If this is the case, head off into the wilderness and hunt monsters, or even the outlaws who prey on traders and stragglers. Or be an outlaw yourself and strike fear into the hearts of all you meet!

If making money is most important the life of a trader and merchant may be the road for you. Using Dragon Empire''s skill system, build your mercantile skills and start production of your goods. Even while you are offline or asleep your factory will produce goods to be sold in the city''s marketplace, providing your factory can purchase the resources.

Of course, traders will need to move valuable resources to the cities where production is heavy. The flow of supply and demand results in a constantly changing economy and new trade routes to seek your fortune on!

Dragon Empires combines a state of the art graphics engines with detailed gameplay to provide an involving and extremely interactive game experience. Players can chose to trade goods, manufacture items, fight monsters, each other or other clans. Will you be a devious merchant, struggling for economic dominance, or will you be a bounty hunter, removing the threat of evil from the land. Or perhaps you will simply make a living trading goods between cities. These are some of the choices you are free to make!

Dragon Empires is packed with features:
- Player-controlled towns and cities.
- Engaging political system based around supporting friendly clans and undermining your enemies.
- Detailed economic model where prices (and profits) fluctuate according to player actions.
- Full clan system including message boards, ranks, titles and crests.
- Skill-based character progression allowing infinite customisation and the ability to change career paths.
- Expansive manufacturing system with automation taking the drudgery out of making goods.
- The ability to enchant or enhance player-made items.
- Private housing and clan buildings that you and your friends can enjoy, decorate and duel in.
- Full weather model over gorgeous terrain resulting in tropical rainstorms, lightning, thunder, wind and snow.

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