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Wrapping gifts

Part one: Items needed

First, you should find a suitable gift and loads of gift paper (See image 1). Also make sure that you have scissors and some tape.

Part two: Things that one should avoid

Be sure not to show the gift to the person who is going to receive it. When you're alone, take out the gift and papers and start wrapping. Most important part about gift wrapping is making sure that you have enough paper to wrap the whole gift (you don't want to end up using 3 small pieces of paper)

Part Three: Wrapping

Place the paper on a hard base, floor or table will do fine. Now, place the gift on the paper (see Image 2). When the paper is over the gift, wrap another side over the gift (see Image 3 and 4). After this, do the same with the another side (see Image5). Make sure that the paper is tight and then tape the paper firmly (see image 6). Now to the sides of the gift. Start by folding the upper left side of the paper according to the image (see image 7). Do this for both sides (see image 8) . Now, it's time to clean up that last piece of paper before taping it. Fold the corners (see image9 and 10) so there will be no back side of the gift paper see-able in the final gift. Now fold it up and tape it firmly (see image 11). Do this for both sides. Now the gift is all wrapped around and ready to be decorated.