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17th of April 2003
New newsletter!
Codemasters has released a new newsletter today due to easter holidays. The newsletter has lots of info about two new races! (yes, there will be other playable races than humans). The two races are called Shadow and Dragonblood.

The birthstory for the both races is quite the same: in the beginning there was only humans, but after some time some people started to change. A process of many years started and about 500 years ago people noticed the birth of two new races.

Shadows are physically weaker than Dragonbloods and smaller than humans or Dragonbloods. Shadows are usually mistrusted as they tend to do acts of subterfurge and deception. They also have less inclination to magic than what humans have.

Dragonbloods are fierce fighters and bigger than than humans or shadows. The green skin comes (according to dragonbloods) from their heritage. It is told that the Dragonbloods descent from a mighty warrior. Dragonbloods are usually the last ones staying up in the combat, one shouldn't try to challenge them in melee combat.

Gadsolme has written something for us again:
Among the many oral histories that permeate the peoples and lands of Fortitude there are some that carry with them a grain of truth. It is well known that the Dragonblood and the Shadow are not natural human races; that they appeared some five hundred or so years ago around the time of the great Empire Crusades...
Fan site of the week -title goes to either Brandos 3d-site or Dragon Empires spain, I will update the news after this has been confirmed.

Forum post of the week goes Game Survey, a questionnaire about possible mmorpg-games.

You may read the letter here.

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