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19th of June 2003
Developers Speak!
Peter Tyson, Community Liaison Manager (AKA Calistas) has been interviewed at Digital Girl - here is a sample of what he had to say:
DG: Dragon Empires is very much a PvP Environment with Clan vs Clan integral to the game. How difficult will it be for players who are not into PvP or who prefer to solo, to advance at higher levels? What sort of activities can they engage in?

Peter: No problem at all. You need never fight another player, heck, if you don't want to you need never fight a monster to advance your character! You can simply move trade goods around the world and generate experience that way if you wish. Soloing will also be very viable and we expect many players to pursue this route of development. At high levels there is a lot to do. Quests, monsters, crafting and manufacturing and trading and finding the goods to make these activities better.
You can read what he had to say in full here.

Also, Mark Zechiel took part at a round table at RPG Vault. The topic was immersion, and here is a sample:
Immersion is about engaging the player into your world. The term is used so frequently, I suspect because it works well on many levels. Does the world arouse the interest of the player? Will the player allow himself to be absorbed into everything that is happening in the surrounding environment? Does a player easily develop a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose? An immersive PSW will engage the player in each of these ways.
Here is the article in full.

On a different note, part four of the excellent Beginnings tale has been posted. You can read it here. There is also a story from Merric, the assistant of Gadsholme.

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