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26th of January 2004
2 weeks...
Woohaa. Gamemasters introduced us some pretty kewl weapons last week. I now have ability to disarm light machine gun (firing rate 1000 bullets per minute!) in 15 seconds, and then build it back to perfect condition in 40s.

They also made us familiar with a rocket launcher called KES, that sweet launcher can pierce 30cm of steel! During the next month, we get to test these weapons with live ammunition.

All players have now been tested in shooting skill. I think one of the developers watched us shooting and then checked whether our shots were good or not, I got 86 points out of 100. Which is good for a beginner. After the next 6 weeks, the basic training should be over and by then, all players will be assigned to different positions; going to train to be a gamemaster or even a developer (if one is good enough). I think I'm aiming to be a communications soldier. As I've no time to attend gamemaster course in this mmorpg, it lasts too long and is physically and mentally very hard course to attend to.

The physics engine in this mmorpg is so awesome. When I was in the live ammunition field, I saw shells bouncing off the floor just like in real life! Also the textures are ultra-sharp. And what comes to sounds, damn, one can hear those bullets hitting the other side of the field. Game engine seems to be so real, I wonder if future games will have the same engine as this mmorpg...

Well, back to army now. Once you get addicted, there's no way to turn back.

12.03 Poro